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For Sale Polished Juliet

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Recently tuned up at oakley HQ and have not been worn since. So the flex couplers and all the unobtanium is new. I also requested they replace the hinge washers and that was done as well. Just installed some new black iridium lenses. Unfortunately they somehow got some small marks on them while they were in storage. Too small to capture with my camera though, and they are difficult to see if your not looking hard. The frame is in excellent condition, no marks or any significant scratches, just some very light ones that will polish out easily if desired. The nose bridge is not what i would call factory tight, maybe 7 out of 10. These have always felt a bit loose since they were new, and I sent them in hoping it was the original flex couplers were defective or something, but it seems that's just the way this frame is. On the plus side I've had them since 2005 and they never got significantly looser than they were when new, so they seem to hold up better. Also the stems fold perfectly even, one of the few Juliet's I've ever seen that did Asking $285 obo shipped in the US, add 4% for paypal.





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Any markings on the frame sn/sku?

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No, 2005 model, so after serials and before sku's.

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Im interested in these will pm you

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wow these late polished frames are perfect...I will try to get funds for that one....

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PM coming.

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I had the same problem. It most likely due to the hosting site.

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Think the site had some issues with hot linked images last night - I'd recommend reuploading directly to the forum again! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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These still here?

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