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Polishing a brushed titanium Minute Machine

Ken Ballantyne

Oakley Enthusiast
I've read in a few places and seen pics of people who are polishing their Minute Machine to pretty much a stainless steel sheen. Of course Oakley also sold versions like that.
I've seen pics and it looks damn near like stainless steel's mirror finish.
Took mine to my local jeweler who said "you'll never get it to stainless steel like finish", that the brushed titanium is gray and will always be gray, even if you polish it.
Anyone know how this is done, and what's involved? I'd love to have my minute machine shine like my stainless Judge II.
I live in a smallish town, and not sure if this guy just doesn't know how to to it, or if his understanding of my expectation is off?
Any help would be appreciated.

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You can polish to the same level as a polished Juliet. The polished MM is not really polished, it is plated. I have a spare MM I intend to polish. When it's done I will post pics of all 3.

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Ken Ballantyne

Oakley Enthusiast
That would be sweet, thanks. A lot of work and/or a lot of money is a relative term. I saw one guy who did it on another site, say it cost him about 5$150USD. I can live with that.
Thanks for the info, Frank. Hopefully they'll see this and reply.