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Prayers for Roblau @ XxuversxX

Just went through shoulder rotator cuff surgery. Then a month into PT the infection exploded. (Everywhere, literally) Had Been growing for a month. Hospital for a week to drain, flush, irrigate and remove what ever was left after the infection ate everything and started on the humerus. Now after 5 months of hell I have zero rotator cuff, no infection and working hard to get some sort of shoulder use. Going to leave it as is for now.
I can swing a golf club, 9 holes next week.
I can swing a tennis racquet (no serving yet)
Water skiing is my next check
Then surfing
I can ride my MTB and my Thruxton now👍🏼
The gym is coming back but my dumbbell press is only 15 pounds
That may never recover
WTF who needs a stinking shoulder anyway🤣
Hospitals can be deadly
Shoulders suck to get worked on... had mine done last year... twice... I effed up the first round and had to get a redo... I still feel tight and don't have 100% range of motion but at least it doesn't hurt like a mother anymore.

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