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Precious metals Hats


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Challenge accepted lol. I found it. Pretty cool looking prize.



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Well all I can say is that trip was awkward AF. I can tell you right now I don't belong in a Lids store.

Anyway, I asked the staff about the deal with these hats and they didnt know anything about it. After they told me that I pulled up there website blog here. Its inferred that you need to either be an "access pass member", sign up at the time of purchase (which is what I did) or fill out the online sign up form linked in there blog post.



No one knows 'cacat' like cacatman!!
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Has anyone heard of these? I only see them on Amazon. A couple colors/sizes available now. Most are in stock in the next couple weeks. I ordered the white/bronze one. Looks more like a light grey though.

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Thanks for the heads up. Bought a couple of them!!!

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