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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Uluahunter, 2/25/16.

  1. Uluahunter


    So I've been away from the boards for awhile, but still lurk here and there. Mainly been just laying low and trying to be good, haha. But recently, this top collecting trend has grabbed me by the smooth criminals and has squeezed HARD!

    Spinning tops! Yup, I said spinning tops. Precision machined and hand turned on metal lathes....spinning tops! The level of accuracy, creativity and ingenuity these top makers put into their pieces is unreal. They use metals ranging from steel, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum to more exotics like Damascus, timascus, Mokuti, moline and superconductor. They also incorporate tritium, moon glow, resin, and other goodies.

    Some of these tops are built as artwork, some for performance and some for both. I have one made by Brian Fellhoelter that gives me consistent spins lasting 10+ mins! So addicting!

    Go check out Rich Stadler and BilletSPIN for his latest creation just released on Indiegogo! Believe me, if you're a collector, you'll get hooked on this! Shootz!!!


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  2. Nortika

    Nortika Premium Member

    Those look pretty sweet, thanks for sharing
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  3. Uluahunter


    Brah, they are! There's all kinds of different makers out there, and it's still growing. BilletSPIN has some of the most intricate designs and it has a big following. There are things being done with tops you would've never thought of. So addicting! LOL
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  4. thisguy


    Glad to see you are still around!
    I never would have thought about this idea. I'm sure there are crazy and awesome designs that people can come up with. I haven't heard of this before but I will look into them.
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  5. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    HOLY CRAP. :shock:

    They look pretty damn cool
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  6. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie

    Where can i get one?

  7. Batman_1939


    I think the 2010 film "Inception" may have started some of the spinning top craze with Cobb's totem in it.

  8. Kuztomized

    Kuztomized Premium Member

    Here's another top from a guy I've been following for a while... not quite as intricate of a design compared to the one linked in the OP, but I know this guy does top notch machining work. Lambda Tops
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  9. kronin323

    kronin323 Premium Member

    That is quite interesting...

    I had a top back in elementary school, might still be in a box in some closet somewhere... it wasn't as fancy as this, cheap common materials and design. But it had a gimmick - the base you spun it on had an electromagnet powered by a 9V battery. the slope of the base would direct the top towards the center, where it'd hit a small rise and be influenced by the electromagnet to boost its spin. The result was it could spin for days on a single spin, hours at minimum.

    Apparently they still make them; here's a vid:

    But this is a whole different ballgame, relying solely on design, materials, and precision manufacture to maximize spin time without any external boosting. I bet if one of those gets dinged up at all, it really affects how long it can go...

    Nice. Maybe I'll get one someday.
    Last edited: 2/25/16
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  10. nlgrav182


    They're tiny. 1.1" diameter?
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