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Deal Prescription Frame and Lens deal

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Recently needed a new set of glasses (RX) and saw some on our board. Went to a local Optometrist and they happened to have a Voltage Ferrari frames. Tried it on and GF said they looked good on me.

One of our local lens cutters (@Chris A Hardaway ) was also a eye doctor so i thought i would ask him a few questions. (ok.. almost 5 pages long and at some point i am sure he was like.. damn!!!) lol..

he was able to help me decide on the various lenses and coatings. On getting progressive lenses vs bi-focals. one pair for daily and a reading pair (or a different prescription for the computer).

So here is part of what i wanted to share. Having a big head didn't help. (TWSS) (Sorry Frank). and the frames i wanted were out of stock until later in the month.. so we decided on the frame. I went to numerous locations locally to get pricing on my specific prescription and they all were like double chris's pricing!

Chris already had given me a idea on what his charge was to me and i was glad that he knew what lens worked with what Oakley frames.

He helped me take a few selfies with present glasses also took a picture with a ruler so he could see how far apart my eyes were.. (or something like that).

Bottom line: if you need some new Rx glasses and if the frames are or arent Oakley, hit chris up. He has a acutal business and you get like a 60 day return on the lenses and the frames if they are in the same class..

For those of us who are blind as a bat you really should give it a shot.
You really owe to your pocketbook and once i called him at work.. wealth of knowledge on glasses/lenses!!

I got them in like 2 days once he got the frames in!!

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That's great news and a great pickup for you also.


I'm honored you thought of me in your comment too. ;)

Sent from my pedestal where I just got off my high horse
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Brother Great news and thanks for sharing. I will definitely will give Chris a shot
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