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Prescription Jawbreaker


Oakley Beginner
Hello all

I joined the forum because I recently received my prescription Oakley jawbreakers. I thought others could use additional information on them and my reason for purchase. First off I have and still have other oakley sunglasses. I have 2 pairs of the 5 squared in prescription and while they are great they tend to loosen up and fall off my face if I’m not wearing a hat. I lost my good pair which forced me to buy another. They are one of the few that wrap around nicely and still have a full frame. I have racing jackets that unfortunately have too large of a minimum PD(62 I am 59)to fit my prescription. These are my all time favorite frames because they are snug and will not fall off my face. They are very comfortable. I also have the straight frames. They fit very well too.

As for the jawbreakers. I had some hesitation because of the size of them and still do. They’re a little big but still fit and hold really well. There is no risk of them flying off even if I don’t have a hat on. They do fit really well with a hat on forwards or if the hat is backwards. I drive a Jeep with the top off for the summer. I wanted sunglasses that wouldn’t let a ton of light in through the top. These will work out great. The cutout lenses can be seen but it isn’t a deal breaker. I can only see where the prescription lenses meet the rest of the non prescription lenses right by my nose. Overall it’s not too bothersome.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Those actually look even cooler than normal jawbreakers! They kinda look like a Xeus lens lol.

@Chris A Hardaway could you get this lens with no prescription?
I can get this lens in rx, I can get many more colors in non rx, without "insert", and yes if you wanna play extra to have "plano" lenses installed in this frame and have that "insert look" I can do that too. The cost is the same as rx though. And @Kyleda can tell you they aren't cheap. But they would look cool. Only come in grey, black iridium, and black iridium polarized if I remember correctly.

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