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Prescription lens for Oakley Flak/Half Jackets?

Roger Quenault

Oakley Beginner
I'm new to the site and need some advice on prescription lenses for Oakley flak half jackets

I have been told that the prescription lenses for the flak are quiet thick and vary from thin by the nose piece and get up to 3 time thicker towards the edges and don't look very good, as I don't know anyone with this type of glasses I thought that I would ask the question on here as there's bound to be someone with this configuration.

Thanks in advance

I hank Flaks with 3 sets of rx lenses. 2 pairs are standard shape and 1 is xlj. The amount that the lens gains thickness depends on the rx. I don't notice distortion toward the edges. Also be aware that with the higher wrap frames there is a limit that Oakley will make their tru digital lens. Beyond that point they will offer something called "edge" I believe. I found this out when trying to order some glasses for my son. Given his rx we ended up with Frogskins. I hope this helps.
Thanks for the quick reply, I need glasses for reading and distance vision, I also have slight cataracts which cause horrible glare especially when driving I wear clear varifocals at the moment and I'm looking at sunglasses to help, Im looking into Oakley's first as I know their optics are very well known as the best, I have owned many pairs and still have a pair of Radar pitch and Romeo 2 but haven't worn them for years as they have standard lenses and my sight is not good enough with out prescriptions to do anything safely, I will go to the opticians and get my RX and post them for you.

Thanks again
Sounds good.. The Romeo 2 isn't one I can do. We can do a flak jacket xlj in progressive "varifocal" type lenses. We can do radar in pitch, path, range, or edge shield shapes, but that is for distance correction only, no progressive varifocus. Shoot me a picture of the flak jacket, and the Rx when you get it. I'd be happy to advise. They are the best lenses on the planet, for wrap around especially. They are a digitally surfaced, extremely precise made lens. PS, shoot a self shot picture of you in the glasses, that helps us measure.