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Hello all,

I am looking to purchase a new pair of sunglasses and also regular eyeglasses. I have terrible eyesight (-8 and -7.5) and unfortunately for the Holbrooks (and every other frame), I cannot purchase them on with my prescription strength. I was wondering if I can purchase my frames on to get that sweet discount then bring them somewhere to get lenses made? Who do you guys recommend for that?

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You also can take any Oakley frame to a the eye doctor to have regular proscription sunglasses installed, it sucks it won’t be Oakley but they do have polorized lenses you can buy

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A -8.00 will not be good on a 6 base curve or most sunglasses. I'd really consider contact lenses for sunny days.

Also the Holbrook Ophthalmic frame could be a good option however, they are slightly smaller. Size 54-18 is the smaller size.

Go find one to try on them if it works go Rx that at your local optometrist. Good luck!


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I'm looking into that too. Can't find a list of RX frames sizes online. my current rx is 53-18-145 and can't seem to find 18 bridge Oakley for rx sport running

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