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Preview of a few new models / re-posted in the correct spot


I should Work at Oakley
I just got a sneak peek at several new models of sunglasses and a twist on 1 or 2 existing ones. Thought I would share a couple of my observations:

1 - There are 4-5 new models of sunglasses being introduced on Monday at stores and most likely online. One of them is the Carbon shift, at around $300 polarized.
2 - I think Oakley is trying to standardize the price difference for polarized lenses by making them about $30 more across the board.
2 - Limited (5000) Frogskin model.
3 - Tombstones, made for shooting mainly - coming over from SI.

That's all I know,
Ahh, sorry I didn't think about taking a picture...but now I know, you guys like pictures! I do too.