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🦘Pricing Thoughts


I work at Oakley
And even if you are in europe the prices can differ.....in my country we don't have the Euro € currency and things are more expensive perhaps because of it, and we have higher taxes on items as well

All radars have the same 2 lenses selected.....example: Radarlock on German oakley site 264 Euros = 307 USD

radarlock de.PNG

Same radarlock on british oakley site 237 pounds = USD 305

radarlock uk.PNG

Same radarlock on danish oakley site 2385 Danish kroner = USD 372

radarlock dk.PNG

And it's always been like this.

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Yo-Yo master
Maybe I overlooked it, or maybe it’s not a thought regarding pricing, but flippers try to maximize price by setting a high price or under-describing their item...

I think people that are considered chronic flippers have been beaten down lately. I know I won’t buy from someone I consider a chronic flipper...and I think many on this forum feel the same way.

We’re slowly shamming and flushing the flippers. This ain’t ebay!!!!!