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Prism lenses causing sickness

Which ones in particular were causing it?

I know some people for example can't wear blue-r tints for very long as it feels a little straining versus warmer or grey. And were most of them polarized on yours?
Turbine w/ Prizm polarized shallow water Jade
Turbine w/ Prizm polarized shallow water Jade
No jade...... it's just Prizm polarized shallow water

i know them, no issues, and you can see to the bottom of the sea with them 🦭🦈

but polarized is not for everyone.......😵💫

just go old-school,,,, classic iridum !! :cool:
liat my friend, you need a good avy.
Cant have that L !

MOGA don't have one either!

2 of the best new members dont have avatars!


Sounds very strange....... polarized sure, that can cause some people some issues, but Prizm !?
I'm prone to headaches if the lenses are off in some way, whether it be the color or curvature, but Prizm is fine for me

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