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Prism Ruby vs Deep Water

Order a couple pairs online with the lenses and then return them, both lenses are great but comparing them is like comparing a hammer and screwdriver, both are good just different. prizm deep water is really nice for bright sun (especially offshore in a bright blue environment) and prizm ruby is great for variable light and pops the greens, reds, and browns. I’d seriously try to find a way to get your hands on a lens before spending money for the Rx version.

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Since you already have a Blue lens (Sapphire), add some contrast to the stable with a Red lens (Ruby). I assume it would be a modern Prizm Ruby, and not a “legacy” Ruby Iridium?

I’ve found that DWP has a nasty internal reflection when I wear them in my metals, perhaps you might have a different experience with your frame…

I’ve worn Rubies for 15+ years, always loved them, so I might be a bit biased….
A few Rubies pics for yah, with a DWP thrown in the mix as well :)





@TheDukeOfIce - Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, prizm ruby.

I just recieved a non-Rx version of Jade, Ruby and DW. Sadly, NE Ohio these last couple days - gray and snowy. Still, of the three, my initial gut is to go with Ruby. The Jade was definitely dull and boring. The DW didn't feel as ... I don't know how to say it, vibrant? Felt more gray with less pop.

I think I need actual sun to properly test. Not to mention, everything is dead and covered in snow. Still, even with these surroundings, I think I'm favoring the Ruby so far.

Hoping for some slightly better weather this week so I can decide and put in the Rx order.


Sun is out today! So I'm kinda surprised.

The Deep Water feel more ... "rosey" and closer to a traditional sunglass lense; whereas, the ruby are more blue-like (similiar to my Sapphire). Woulda thought it would have been the other way around based on their color?

I think Sapphire is better than Ruby, but they're somewhat similiar. Not sure yet if this is what I should do, vs. getting something that's a different look/feel - but my gut says Ruby as I just liked the feel/look a bit better.

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