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Prizm Golf vs Prizm Polarized Shallow Water


Oakley Beginner
I want a pair of Prizms for Golfing mostly, but saw the Shallow Waters have polarized and I believe similar color contrast as the Golf. I'm wondering if I should grab the Shallow Waters for the addition of polarization or that would be a mistake since I'm primarly getting these for golfing.


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Welcome to the forum.

I think if you're going to use them for golfing. Get the Prism Golf lens.
You plan on using them for fishing?

Thanks for quick reply, and thanks!

I do fish probably once a month during the summer so not really....

I was more thinking that the polarized lenses would give you glare resistance on a bright day golfing, along with the prizms providing contrast from the course.

the opticians here could probably chime in but from what I've been told (golfer myself) The polarization will actually mess with depth perception and this is why you should not consider polarized lenses for golfing

I've also read on some golf forums that polarized lenses will make it tougher to read greens since they cut down on the glare. I can't say for myself since I've never worn polarized on the golf course. I do, however, have the golf prism lenses and I love them on the course. They really make the grass color pop and I think it's easier to see breaks and slopes on the green by seeing the shiny vs dark shade of the grass which means down grain or into the grain.

That's what I like to hear! It's hard to tell in a store on an overcast day. I plan to try on both and take a look at the lot greens and see the difference when making final decision.

With the caveat that I don't play golf, what the Prizm Golf lenses do to grass is quite spectacular - it was my real wow moment with Prizm lenses.

I'll second that opinion on a no go on polarization for golfing. I've got friends in the golf industry and they used polarization for a short amount of time but after a while realized that the polarization was taking out the undulations in the green. So you definitely don't want that! The mass majority of golf athletes aren't wearing polarization.