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Prizm lens color for use under the tree canopy


Oakley Beginner
I am looking for a pair of Oakleys for use while hiking and backpacking. I hike in an area where you are most often under the canopy of trees. There are some open spots and of course the summit but most of the time you are under filtered light of the trees.

I was able to look through the lens of both the Trail and Trail Torch today at an Oakley store. There was no real way to test the two in a woodland environment, just people strolling by in the mall. That's not a good setting.

It appeared to me the Trail was brighter and the contrast popped compared to the Trail Torch. The Torch was more muted and darker. All of this means little when looking at people walking by in the city compared to testing them in a woodland setting.

Do you recommend the Trail when under the canopy of trees or is there another lens I should consider?

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Oakley Beginner
Do you recommend the Trail when under the canopy of trees...

Yes, definitely. If you don't mind the red/orange hue and if you don't need a darker lens, they are perfect for the use you describe.
Personally, I don't even notice the cast after only a little while. What I do notice is the incredible color separation and when I take them off it's like the world is suddenly monochrome.