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  1. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    MetropolisLakeOutfitters Oakley Beginner

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    Need some shooting glasses, may get the ESS Crossbow Suppressor but am looking at the ballistic 3.0 M Frame with the PRIZM lens. I realize that cardboard and white steel pops out real well but I'm not real concerned with that. In 3-gun, there is this trend where the match directors hide very abused raw gray steel out in the woods. I have had multiple situations where I burned up a lot of time because I literally couldn't even find the target.

    The question is, will the PRIZM lens make this situation better or worse? If you are a sucker for the marketing hype on the surface, you'll probably say yeah it's supposed to help. But here's my deal - part of the claim is that the glasses go in the opposite direction for background items, making them blend in, which includes rocks. Well, raw steel that has had the paint shot off is in fact an awful lot like gray rocks in color and reflection quality. So, it seems to me that it may be possible that the one thing I need help with may in fact be worse with these lenses if what they claim is true.

    Does anybody have real world experience with this who can comment?
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  2. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I don't think *any* lens can help in this case. The lenses filter light to INCREASE contrast. If there is no contrast to begin with you won't be accomplishing much.

    ESS is good stuff. Oakley designs and materials in most instances. (Oakley owns ESS). For a functional piece the Crossbow line is a good low-cost alternative to the M Frames.