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  1. JOHN Oakley RadarFan

    JOHN Oakley RadarFan Oakley Enthusiast

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    A little question, but one I have been looking for clear answers. I have used the prizm lens, and found them to be excellent, but I also like the vented normal lens. Do Oakley do vented Prizms for the Radars?
    Thanks in advance for any feedback
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  2. Madfrog

    Madfrog Oakley Beginner

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    To my knowledge i don't think they do. If you like the Radars, Prizm, and Vented, have you ever tried the Radar EV's? Those have the Prizm lens and sits sinilar to the Radars and all the lens are technically vented.
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  3. kronin323

    kronin323 Font of Useless Knowledge Premium Member

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    IDK about radar but they released a couple of colorways for radarlock with vented prizm lenses. But the available replacement lenses for the same prizms were non-vented.