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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Imflyinn, 2/29/16.

  1. Imflyinn


    Hey Everyone, I am looking into getting a set of Prizm lenses for my Flak Jackets. The problem I am running into is that my hobbies incorporate every one of the intended uses for the different tints, and unfortunately the college kid budget only allows for one set of lenses. I was recently diagnosed with chronic dry eye, which makes my vision distorted when my eyes are working hard so I need something that will be as easy on my eyes as possible. I would go with contacts and any light would work to correct astigmatism but apparently they do not make contacts in a magnification as low as my glasses are. Here is what I need the lenses to do:

    I am a golfer first, which leads me straight to the golf lenses. Concentrating on a ball 5 feet away then watching it sail (hopefully) a long way away is rough on the eyes so anything to make that transition better would be nice.

    I am also into mountain biking and trail running, spending a good amount of time running in and out of shadows. (Could be against what the golf lens is meant for?)

    Which brings up the third hobby, trap shooting. The goal of a trap lens is to highlight orange and block out greens. I thought the military lens would be my best overall lens for everything but they are next to impossible to find.

    And lastly driving and general use. The daily looks to be the most visually appealing and claims to be easy on the eyes.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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  2. supersharp

    supersharp Premium Member Lifetime Member

    So, you basically want to have your cake and eat it too. While I don't know if there is any specific lens that will address every hobby, we are limited to choosing just one lens. If it were me, I would probably just go with a daily Prizm Polarized as an overall general purpose lens. As more money becomes available you can add different lenses. Wait for the Friends and Family sale and take 30% your purchases. You say you are limited on funds, but all of these hobbies actually require a fair amount of money. Not saying that you have tons of cash, but if you are able to participate in any of these hobbies regularly, you should be able to pick up different lenses when they go on sale, and add each specific lens you need over time.

  3. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Premium Member


  4. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    I concur with your "this"
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  5. Imflyinn


    Thanks for the help, looks like I will be going with the daily. Luckily my golf course job gets me free golf and at the end of last season winning my free pair of Flack Jackets to keep up with my hobbies. Ill do a quick Google search to see when the sale will be, 30% would go a really long way

  6. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Premium Member

    No hard date yet that has been out there, but based on past sales, most expect it to be sometime around late March or early April.

  7. MD Oakley'er

    MD Oakley'er Premium Member

    I would suggest the Shallow water lens, I use it alot when hunting and at the gun range, it really seperates colors to make things easier to see. I think it would be great for golf also, haven't had a chance to try them with that yet. Not sure if it would be hard on your eyes, they give out a yellowish tint. I have the non prizm shallow lens so not sure if they are exactly the same or not.

  8. kronin323

    kronin323 Premium Member

    A lot of us have used the various Prizm lenses for more that their stated purposes, and they can do well when used more broadly.

    But I agree with the consensus; there is no "every condition" lens, but from what you describe prizm daily is probably the best choice. Not the prettiest lens to look at, but nice to look through, and flexible.

    And give them a chance - if your initial impressions using them are lacking, give them some time and they may grow on you. Of the various Prizms I own and use, they weren't my favorite on first impression, but they've proven to be quite capable after more time spent using them.

    And if you still don't like them, instead of just trying another prizm, it might be worth considering broadening your scope to the entire Oakley lineup; there may be a different lens that suits you better.

  9. Stanleybb50


    ^ ^ ^ This
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  10. Webb


    I'm new here,so when this promo starts ?


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