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Prizm P stamp


Oakley Beginner
I’m not complaining just trying to understand. I bought my first pair of Oakley sun glasses , Flak 2.0 . Ordered it in store with Polarized lenses . But I noticed a few days later (today) that on the lower left of the lenses it says Prizm P while my girlfriend glasses (same kind Flak 2.0) say Polarized

I called the local store and he said that was Normal and Polarized is a old design but on the Oakley site you can order polarized And Prizm Polarized

I have enjoyed them so far but I just want to make sure the sales person didn’t jerk me around and not give me what I wanted or unknowingly gave me something better

Again it’s my first pair of Oakley so I’m learning as I go
No you're good man!
"Prizm" is the name of the lens technology in the lenses themselves. There are Prizm Non-Polarized and there are Prizm Polarized. The "P" simply means that the Prizm lens you have are polarized.


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Older Polarized lenses (Non-prizm) will have the Polarized Etching. Newer Prizm lenses (post 2017) have the Prizm P etching. There are a few prizm lenses without the 'P' - they were usually from the period from 2014-2018.
Just got to know that. Thanks for sharing

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