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Prizm Sapphire Polarized vs Deep Water Polarized


Oakley Beginner
Hello everyone and congratulations on your forum, discussions and very interesting opinions!
I am a beginner here, but I bought a customized Fuel Cell with Prizm Sapphire Polarized lenses and i was very happy with it.
Unfortunately I have a scratch over one of the lenses and now I can't find the replacement from Oakley (I'm from Italy)
Only Deep Water Polarized lenses are available and I kindly ask if anyone could tell me if there is any important difference between these two.
from the outside I see that the Sapphires are a little more "blue" than Deep Water but even looking around I can't find if there are any significant differences in the vision from the inside. The Sapphires have some good enhancement in contrast and green color, but i don't know if Deep water work differently.

I hope for your advice

thank you!

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Oakley Expert
Prizm deep water is amazing. The slight contrast coupled with its ability to knock down bright glare is awesome. I also like prizm deep water because it looks uniform when looking through the lens.

I personally don’t like prizm sapphhire in lenses with higher base curves because you get that gradient color effect when looking through them. Some people don’t mind that, but I feel like I am looking through gas station sunglasses with that color gradient.


Oakley Beginner
I have deep water in radar ev and turbine, they are awesome both from inside and outside. I love them, but don't wear that much because they attract too much attention. I generally wear sport prizm lenses mostly, because they provide excellent contrast. and i love shallow water more than deep water because it's bronze colour. I have prizm sapphire and i wear it mostly when i ride my bike, because it provide good contrast on the road, but i still prefer standard sapphire than prizm sapphire.


Cereal Killer Extraordinaire (mostly fruitloops)
Deep water is one of the best lenses ever made in my opinion (and many others). It has fantastic contrast, fantastic polarization, and a very warm feel to it. I have several and love them.
Agree 100%, greens really pop with DWP. My favorite lens for looks and looking.
I love DWP lenses and have a few in different frames. I have prizm sapphire in one or two frames and don't like them.