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  1. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    Been using my persimmon lenses at work because I'm facing a computer more often. I know, yellow is probably the better go-to, but I also became curious about Prizm Trail in general.

    Guessing off the bat, I assume it's darker, but the more elaborate AR coating makes me curious. Any input?
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  2. DKO

    DKO Oakley Enthusiast

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    Prizm Trail has alot of contrast. It would not be my fist choice for computer screens because of the color tint and because it "brightens". Monitors are already too bright, so lenses that brighten are not what you would be looking for. So I would probably go Persimmon over Prizm Trail.
    For computer monitor lenses I have been using Titanium Clear and I'm pretty happy with how it hardly darkens, but mainly reduces the glare, maybe because of the Iridium coating.
    Last edited: 6/9/16