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Pro M Frame flashback


Oakley Enthusiast
Managed to score this local here in Western Australia. I trawl our craigslist equivalent for oakley's most mornings, these popped up and i offered the guy cash straight away.

Original box, with original replacement nosepiece and earsocks unused. Original warranty card - the lot.

The cool thing is these are the EXACT same pair my dad bought that got me really into oakleys. Infact i still have his original pair, although they were fairly ratty so i painted them. Looking forward to restoring these with the new earsocks and nose piece and repainting the white o logos.



Picked up another cracking find - yellow/+red heater and pro case. Spoke to Oakley Australia to try and source extra lenses - the lady really went above and beyond for me. Found: +Red heater, Vented Gold Heater, Black iridium heater and a very rare vented G26 heater! Have installed a couple of the new lenses into the custom matte black pair, gold into the yellows which i think looks awesome, as well as the +red into the polished pair. Hope you guys are a fan!





Excellent finds, great that you were able to still find the lenses from Oakley!

Just so you know, that case with the yellow Pro M Frame is a Water Jacket case. The cutaway in the center is for the hydrophobic solution and the in the back is for the straps.
Oh thanks for the info mate - it actually came in a waterjacket retail box too so that would explain that!

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