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Pro M/Pro RJ microbag alternatives


I am Jim Jannard...
Premium Member
London, UK
Hi all,

Looking to see if anybody has found a third party/alternative to replace the old school large microbags that came with the Pro M frames and the Pro Water/Racing jackets.

Want to have something to carry around some of my Pro M frames as their bags are falling apart after 20 years.

If anybody has found something that works please share. I am sure it will also be helpful for the folks who have picked up MUZM Pro M frame/RJs as I am sure that some of those folks would like to wear theirs and not just have them sit behind glass.

If anybody has found large, like min 15inch squared, cloths that are similar to the Oakley microfibre material then I might be able to find someone to make these for me. So please do share if you've found a good brand/supplier of these too.

I have 6 of them PM me