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Problem with Ikon lenses in X-Metal Juliet

Matt Flacche

Oakley Expert
Hello OF,

I recently snagged a pair of Juliet, and had them refurbished by the X-MAN. He did a really nice job, and I love his custom "flat plasma" finish. I ran into trouble with the new lenses. I wanted red lenses, so I went with Ikon polarized, red mirror lenses. They are beautiful. When the glasses came back from the X-MAN, they looked great, but I could see some bubbling of the mirror coating, on the edge where the lens enters the frame.

This is not a thread slamming anyone, including Ikon. They have been responsive, and have sent out 2 pairs of replacements, trying to fix the issue. Ikon's customer service is very good. The second pair of lenses Ikon sent did exactly the same thing, bubbled mirror coating. The third pair of lenses are in transit, but I don't think I'm even going to try them. I decided to go with Fuse Cascade (like Oakley Fire) polarized lenses instead, and they fit great.

The problem (I believe) is, the Ikon lenses are too thick. I measured the thickness at 2.1mm or greater at all different spots around the lens. I believe that is thicker than OEM lenses.

I'm curious if anyone else ran into a similar problem?

Here is the bubbling mirror coating...

This is with new Fuse Polarized Cascade lenses... really nice!

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Dublin, Ca
Yes, when I buy Carbon Blade lenses from them they include the screws, O-rings, and screwdriver. If you order X-Metal lenses, they send the appropriate Torx driver.

For your Feedbacks, I think Fuse makes the nicest lenses for the money.


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Mine are still perfect after several years use in my Juliets. Had an issue with uneven mirror on a set for Split jackets and they sent a replacement set right away. Their 24K lenses look like Oakley's gold and are great as well.