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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Looking to trade some project/beater pairs. Please read description as I'll do my best to describe them.

    Project/beater pairs - Why 8.0, Minute, Teaspoon, Gascan etc - 20150905_150930_zps5haxsgfv.jpg

    mervilliano's Library | Photobucket

    Note that I am located in BC, Canada, so please consider the shipping costs associated with this if you are interested in trading.

    Why 8.0 - Matt Black w/Dark Grey - Frames and earsocks are in very good shape. Very edges of lenses are starting to bubble around the lenses (see picture as I managed to capture this). Also light scratching throughout. I personally was OK wearing these lenses, but you may wish to replace them.

    Why 8.0 - Polished Gold w/VR50 Gold Iridium. Frames are in good condition condition. Stems profile does not match the black pair as they are more curved. I am guessing these have been bent slightly by the previous owner. Earsocks are very slightly tacky to the touch (if you squeeze one between your fingers). Lenses have light scratching throughout with a couple deeper scratches on the left lens. You will probably want to replace the lenses.

    Minute Gen 2 - FMJ Platinum w/Gold Iridium. Frames are in good condition with a few marks at the top of the left orbital. The coating is starting to peel up ever so slightly right next to the marks, however, no coating/paint missing. Earsocks are good. Lenses are trashed, but will be included.

    Teaspoon - Light Bronze w/ Black Permission Iridium. Frames and earsocks are in good shape. Lenses have scratches throughout and likely need to be replaced.

    Whisker - Silver w/ Dark Grey. Frames have a couple small scratches and arms are fairly loose. Earsocks have intentionally been left over the ends of the stems as otherwise the stems scratch the lenses when folded. Lenses are trashed.

    Gascans - Matt Black w/ Grey. Frames are good cosmetically, but hinges squeak when folded. I feel these lenses are wearable but do have some light scratching/swirl marks throughout. I also have the box for these I will include.

    Radar case w/ Radar lens that will be thrown in, but has several small scratches/marks that affect vision.

    Display items in the pictures are listed in the misc. exchange section. I am happy to combine items in a deal.

    Here's what I am looking for:
    Original o-matter XXs (not the new 2012 Twenty)
    -complete pairs
    -OEM replacement lenses (new or in very good shape)
    -Frames only (but only if non common/boring colors only ie, only FMJ, electric blue/yellow, collegiate etc)
    -white/green/orange/blue/rootbeer OEM replacement earsocks/nosebombs (don't need more black ones)
    -Maybe even empty boxes
    Olympic related items
    -Beijing (Pekin Jo) pin
    -London Safehouse microfibre bag (or complete pairs :))
    -Global Crowbars
    -Other items
    X-metal coins, cases, boxes, lenses, frames

    I will provide additional pictures as required of specific items if there is a deal to be made. This is my first time listing items here, but have sold to a WTB thread and have bought a number of items. I also have an eBay account if you wish to review my feedback (100%). I expect potential traders to have an exchange profile or eBay account in good standing as well. Shipping to be negotiates, but I expect we will cover our own costs (reminder again, that I am in Canada).
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Open to lots of other ideas/returns for these if anyone has a use for them.
    Would be after replacement lenses for any of these pairs (obviously trading a different pair) eg trade Gascans for replacement Minute lenses.
    I'm interested in golf balls, tees, divot tools, club covers, towel etc
    Dog tag bottle opener, Grips
    Microbags (other than black)
    Or just try your offer of other items, these aren't doing me any good right now.