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PROJECT - Custom Painted Icons For My Batwolf

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Deleted member 24

Hey guy, just bought a new Custom Batwolf yesterday with some sunset icons. I wanted some yellow icons to match my Corvette so I painted an extra set of chrome icons I had for the pair:


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The Boss
Staff member
How did you go about painting them? Just wondering the process you used, they came out awesome and look original!


Deleted member 24

Of course, I took them out of the frame and used double sided tape and taped to cardboard. I used chrome ones because the shine from the chrome helps shine through. I used some spray paint i had that matches my corvette its auto paint. I lightly sprayed two coats of yellow from about 10-12 inches away. I allowed each coat to dry an hour. After the second coat, i applied two light coats of clear coat and a third heavy coat of clear allowing the clear coat to dry 45 minutes between each application. I have no painting experience outside of projects like this.

The Game

Oakley Collector
good job on painting them, ive seen some people paint the frames and icons and not only does it look bad but they ruin the pair

on the other hand the yellow doesnt match the orange lens


Oakley Enthusiast
Premium Member
Chicago, IL
those are sick! i had a customer say he was gonna do the same thing with a pair too, he wanted the ducati red vs the metallic red they have. looks pretty awesome.


Oakley Beginner
I honestly have never been a fan for Oakley Sunglasses, cause they usually don't fit my fat face! But When I was shown the new Batwolf glasses at the mall, it was like hook, line and sinker. not to mention the sales girl was extremely hot!

Anyways, its too bad that they don't offer more kinds and colors of these icons, I like the way you custom colored your own to match your car, thats freakin sick, but i want to custom make some for myself now, and you have just inspired me to do so.

I'm going to start off by making a gears of war spin off icon, maybe the red gears symbol would suffice, i think that would look awesome..

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