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  1. pennyhoney

    pennyhoney Oakley Beginner

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    Ever since Jim stepped out of the cockpit for good, the O show has been slow mo in terms of what the community demands therefore we, the collectors got bored and started to seek and collect more rad custom artworks/paint jobs on our Oakleys. I guess the art behind science slogan has been too fancy for Nancy up in the office.

    Anyway, by feeding our ever growing demands, we thank all the crafty members here for giving us what the current O will not. I say will not because I know they can but they won't.

    Now enter the Chopshop, I have known Josh for several years now and when I first saw him worked his Dremel, I knew the man got some mad skills. His work is absolute tiptop.
    Now enter today, to me, that Chopshop has evolved to a cream of the crop custom Paint N' Bakeshop. I for one would be delighted to hop in there like a little kid with a lollipop in my mouth, looks at all your spray artwork and let my jaw drop. Well,mad props to you my brother for making your place a one stop shop!

    Just messin with you bro, enough of the rhymes, not drunk here but just really appreciative of what you have done for the community. Turbo Props to the Chopshop! Lol
    Last edited: 8/23/13
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