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  1. greg

    greg Oakley Enthusiast

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    Hey guys I am trying to access content from the uk via a proxy server... But I am unable to get a reliable connection... I was wondering if you guys have any experience in theses matters in using a proxy.

    I prefer a free proxy but I dont want to compromise speed and reliability so I dont mind paying for a really good proxy but I dont want to spend anything over 8 bucks per month.
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  2. OakleyFreak

    OakleyFreak F Oakley and LUX

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    Pure VPN I think I pay $50.00 a year for it
    Fast servers
  3. GH4AU

    GH4AU Carbon Fanatic Premium Member

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    I've been using privateinternetaccess for a long time and it's the best one I've used so far. I pay $40 a year for it. The free ones suck. Pay a little and get a solid connection.