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Purchased M2 with prizm road lens



I am a proud owner of a polished fog M2 with prizm road lens.

It was on sale during cyber monday and since I did not like the gray lens that came with it, I got the prizm road as well. It is after all gonna be use for cycling, running, or driving in sunny California. I will have the original gray M2 lens for sale as soon as I hit 15 posts minimum.

I can't believe how comfortable the M2 sits on my Asian face. It sits so much better than the Tincan or the Fast Jacket. I am looking to change the ear sock and the wing as soon as replacements become available.






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They have released the ear socks, now just waiting for the wings... and I wonder if the O logo the same as the racing jacket ones

Looks great. The stock config for the Polished Fog M2 is kinda plain, IMO. However those Prizm lenses give it a great look. Enjoy them!

Mmmmm. Might have to give them Prizm Roads a try. They look good, congrats.