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  1. mrnobudy

    mrnobudy Oakley Beginner

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    So, I made a boo-boo decision the other day and thought I would try to see if another arm from an older pair of Oakleys would fit my HalfWire 2.0s prescriptions. Was wrong.

    Now, sadly, I am stuck with a pair with out an arm cause my genius butt lost the screw, and my 2.0s with a screw half sticking out.

    The arm is stable enough to wear, but I am nervous it will fall out and I will loose that screw too.

    And to make things better, I called Oakley for some help, and was informed that they don't design them to be taken apart and put back like that. Something about the frame/arm act together as a spring hinge.

    I can see that, as I get everything lined up, but the screw won't thread through cause the arm moves slightly when start tightening the screw.

    But on the good side, found out I am up for new lenses in the end of October for insurance. I have an old pair
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