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  1. reggavegga

    reggavegga Oakley Expert

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    I am moving in a week.I have always used the cable company's modem for internet. Our old house we used Apple airport express and cable modem. In temporary condo now using their modem(no airport express). If I want wireless internet in new house what do I need to buy so not renting their stuff? Already have the AAP. Do I just need to buy a modem say from BB and use airport express to have the wireless once I set up ISP.
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  2. kronin323

    kronin323 Font of Useless Knowledge Premium Member

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    Depends - was your old cable company's modem purely a modem (you had the AAP wired to it) or did it also provide Wifi and you used the AAP as a wireless extender (AAP was not wired to the modem)?

    If it was purely a modem, then yes, all you need is to buy a modem that's supported by your new ISP. But you may find the wireless range of the AAP a bit limited for your new house and will need to upgrade. If you upgrade and you want to stick with the same product family, the AAExtreme (or Time Capsule if you want to add wireless local data backup) would be your choices, plus they support the new 802.11ac standard. If you want to upgrade to a general purpose wireless router, I recommend the Linksys WRT1900AC - after a lot of research I got one the other month and it's a powerful monster.