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Hello, so I've been checking ebay for some good deals on juliets and some sellers have Juliets that has no sku# on the frame (e.g. 24-125 / 04-143 / etc...)

Just curious as to why some doesn't have the sku#'s. I'm under the impression that all juliets have at least the sku#'s on the frame.

Are those cutom made?

And do cutom made juliets have any sku# on the frame?

Just want to make sure I'm getting an authentic one before bidding.

- Eric

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I think what you are referring to is the serial number on the older "Vintage" Juliets... The serial number looks something like "J001234"... The SKU numbers are not typically on the X Metal models, nor are the serial numbers as that was discontinued...


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Thanks for the response fear, but here are 2 ebay juliets for comparison.

Oakley Sunglasses Juliet X-Metal Ruby Iridium 24-125 | eBay
Oakley Sunglasses Custom Juliet X-Metal Black Iridium | eBay

The first link shows a pic on the frame that has "24-125 55 O 21" embedded on the frame.
The second link shows no SKU# on the frame so I'm just curious as to why it doesn't have one, the description on the 2nd link mentioned that early juliet models don't have the SKU# embedded, so now I'm confused.
The title on the 2nd link mentions custom so I was thinking that custom ordered juliets have no SKU# but might as well ask here to be sure.



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Post serial Juliets (and many other X Metals..though not my post serial XX 24K) have the model number/sku engraved on the left earstem. I'm looking at my polished Juliets and Carbon X Squared and both have it. That said I don't think this was universal practice after December not having it isn't a for sure sign of a fake. Now I'm pretty certain Oakley does NOT SKU mark frame stock that is to be used for custom builds because the SKU is for a specific lens/frame combo. Either way, successforsale is a well regarded seller of authentic Oakleys on eBay so I wouldnt be concerned there, although I am really curious where he gets his stock because none of it is boxed and all are custom builds that I think he is doing himself...given his location in Southern California, I suspect he is either an Oakley employee or has a direct source for product

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