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Question about Sliver asian fit


Oakley Beginner
Hi, all
I bought a pair of sliver ( regular version ) online six months ago.
recently i tried the asian fit sliver in the oakley store, i found that af fits me better
the frame sits higher on the nose, and my eyebrows won't brush the upper frame.
the question is, is the regular sliver lens fits the asian fit frame ?
does anyone has both of them ?
Thanks in advance !
Could be just the nose piece for the Sliver. There are a few frames that do differ, like the Flak 2.0 and Flak Draft. You could always take your frame in and ask them to try the lens out for you?
Hey! Just for background I work for Oakley in Australia. The alternate fit sunnies are only different due to the larger nose pieces and the wider arm bands. Lenses generally are the same. Take them in store and they should be able to swap them over for you :)
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