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  1. jcxstar13

    jcxstar13 Guest

    I had a pair of 24k xx that I had forever and bought right around the time they came out, about two years ago i left them laying in the yard was doing yard work for my mom and forgot them out there next thing i knew she had run them over with the lawnmower :(

    Anyway i am trying to replace them now and I recently bought a pair on ebay but it seems like to me that they have a smaller frame so my question is did they make a 24k version in the juliet frame? Am I nuts that these do not feel or look as big as my original XXs were?

    Thanks for all the help.

    And if anyone knows where I can get a pair of 24k XXs let me know.
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  2. doowutchyalike

    doowutchyalike Oakley Enthusiast

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    They never made that combo in anything other than the XX for sale to the general public.
  3. jcxstar13

    jcxstar13 Guest

    So i am just nuts? I also noticed that the frame around the lenses seems darker than the frames I had.

    Noticed your in chicago, i live in chicago as well.

    Ill post some pics of them in a bit.

    Anyone that has 24k xxs that wants to sell to me I would take you up in a heartbeat.
  4. gs300

    gs300 Oakley Collector

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    I just PM'd you with a pair for sell
  5. MasChingon

    MasChingon Oakley Beginner

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    They did indeed make the 24k in juliet...check the picture...

    They were never available for sale and were given to Ichiro Suzuki.....if that's what you have...you scored HUGE!

    Question About The 24k XX - 23ud2bk.jpg
  6. qBan

    qBan The Hijinxer

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    his ear lobes look weird as hell.
  7. jcxstar13

    jcxstar13 Guest

    Finally had some time to take some pics of the pair i got, now how do i attach pics?
  8. v2kjokerz

    v2kjokerz Oakley Enthusiast

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    you can use photobucket, imagshack or tinypics to name a few to upload your pics and post it here.
  9. jcxstar13

    jcxstar13 Guest

    here is a pic Question About The 24k XX - photo.jpg
  10. mpmcgaughey

    mpmcgaughey Oakley Enthusiast

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