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Question for people who own firearms


Oakley Expert
New Jersey
Are any of you members of U.S. LawShield or similar program?

Been thinking of joining but on the fence.

Anyone have any experiences (positive or negative) with any of these types of programs?

Thanks ...

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Yo-Yo master
USCCA is another big one I hear a lot of people use. It’s pretty expensive, then again most insurance is. It all depends what state you live in and how the LEO community is.

Much like other insurance policies we have, it’s better to have it and not ever need it.


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Premium Member
Sometimes, not always. Actually very rarely do they change.
Dude’s trolling
No troll, I never go around worrying about killing someone or them breaking in or doing anything to me or my family or grew up being misinformed I have certain rights.

Again, a great cup of coffee and a deleted ego will open your mind to being human. Try thinking positive sometimes about people, it will help you grow.

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