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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by mf11, 8/6/11.

  1. mf11


    Hi, I am looking for a pair of glasses in the style of the attached link - Frogskins and I am sure I have seen a white frame and blue irridium lens combination, but can't seem to now find it anywhere (the attached have violet lens). Were these glasses made with a white frame / blue lens combination? Any idea where I would get a pair?

    The Oakley Review - Glasses

    Any help greatly appreciated.



    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. jiveSEVEN


    There hasn't been an authentic frogskin released with white frame/blue lens combo as far as I know. These Greg Lutzkas are also very rare and sell for a pretty penny! Best bet would probably somehow get a pair of official white framed oakleys and buying blue VL lenses.

  3. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    the only Frogs to my knowledge with White Frames and Blue/Ice Lenses are the B1B 4-legged frogs. and those are even more rare than the Lutzka's. FrogTastic has a pair. you can see his photos in his thread.

  4. jiveSEVEN


    Forgot about those, but damn there is no way in hell those are attainable by any means lol..

  5. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    unless you can persuade FrogTastic to part with them, which i'm guessing the answer would be...NO. =)

  6. FrogTastic



    Question - IMG_0455.jpg

    Question - Bhaley2four_Picture085.jpg

    Blue was released in Gen 1, if i remember correctly. I also have a Matt White, Blue with Blue "Oakley". But those are a custom.

  7. jiveSEVEN


    Freakin sick man...limited to 50 right? How did you manage to get a pair of those?

  8. FrogTastic


    A very cool guy Jono and I know, hooked me up.

  9. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    i have only seen 2 of these go on sale on the Bay before. kicking myself for passing on the 1st pair. and that very Cool Guy J and i know beat me to the second pair. haha! damn. the luck of the draw. =)

  10. jiveSEVEN


    very very nice Jono and Frog! I have a secret weapon I am gonna unleash in a few weeks if my hookup comes through :p

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