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Quick Question About Resell Value!


Oakley Beginner
Hey guys, I'm new to the whole Oakley collecting game but am interested in learning some things. I accidentally ordered 2 pairs of the 24k Shaun White Frogskins at retail. I do plan on keeping one pair for personal use.

My question is, should I try and resell the other pair now, or should I wait? If you think my best bet would be to wait, how long should I hang on to them? I know there are a few spots online that have them in stock at retail...

Also, how much do you think the value of these will go up?

i would suggest you hold on to them. if you sell them now, you will probably only get back you're cost. nothing more. trust me, hold on to them, and see their value rise. give it at least 6 months to a year. =)
i agree, the value of those will go up ten fold if you keep them in the box and you'll see people shelling out plenty of money for them. Keep them well protected.
People go crazy for anything frogskin.
all the most wanted froggies are in the UK, ready to trade ;o)
i know FrogTastic and then they get a whole load . . .
it´will be hard to get a pair. i´m still waiting that a store send my preorder with the Camo Frogs :eek:(
Yea I would def hold on to them. They sold out quick on the US site and more and more ppl are getting into the frog game. They are gonna be sought-after in a year or so when they are unattainable.
@Nerd, Im still waiting for my last two pairs. I sold the first cos i thought i would have had these two by now and the fact I got a crazy offer.
hopeful with the next "release" my pre-order will be send. . .
as far as i know mid / late august?!