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I was wondering if anybody has had the white rubber pieces on their active glasses change color?
I have a pair of white jawbones and I was wondering if the rubber socks would change color with my sweat. I had a watch that was white and the rubber changed to a green color. The watch wasn't Oakley nor was it an expensive brand and I know oakley is a lot of a higher quality I was just wondering what you guys would say. Thanks for the help guys
I have a Matte white/Jade Flak Jacket


and i had a blue frame with white socks Flak Jacket very similar to this:


When looking at my Matte Whites, the socks look a bit dingy, but when i take them and match them up to the blue frame, they look the same.

For me, i just think the white on white makes them look.... less white.

But i would take them off every once in a while to clean them. You can use purell to clean the rubbers.
@spliceD thanks for the tip. That was my next question how do I clean them. I have a pair of gloss white with jade iridium vented lenses but I normally have black iridium non vented lenses in them.
My white socks on my Jawbones haven't changed colour but my son had a white adidas watch & his strap did go green just like you discribed. Could be down to the materal used on the strap with is different to the ear socks.

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