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R1 lense color


Oakley Hunter
I know that when it comes to lense color, it's all opinionated and wearer's choice. My question is about Romeo 1 lenses. In your opinions, which colors best match an emerald iridium or a slate iridium? I'd love to set my frames up with an Ichiro look, as I have taken a liking to the colorway lately. Any info would be cool. Pictures would be better. I'm placing an order tonight so, please try to get back to me. Not screws this time, Lol. @zwc0442 and @jdd32 have me hooked up for life, I think. Thanks guys. Even though I had to listen tk all of the hazing. o_O

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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hmmm have pics somewhere... plasma/2nd gen TI for both, not polished or xmetal, although i guess that worked for Ichiro models too. let me get back to this with pics...