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R4, Holiday Release

I hope I'm not hashing out something extremely old, but I think there was a subtle Radar EV expansion

Asia Fit has a cut reminiscent of Hybrid and Strip. CF colorway here, there's also Matte Black/BI, and Silver/Fire.

Other interesting bits I noticed are Prizm and Polar AF EV's, one notably having Jade Polar.

Other EV Path colorways I don't recall from before. Simple, but clean:

Got the mini catalog in the mail with another F&F coupon expiring on the 13th. Can't cross-reference everything right now but there are some more added colorways that are not on the site yet or O-Review. There's a Jawbreaker in Uranium/White/Sapphire (98-801), Radar EV in Team Pink/Violet (34-844), and so on. It's all stuff you've seen split into other pairs or in the OCP selection. I just want sum new lens options m8