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Racing jacket replacement lenses?


Oakley Beginner
Hello, I'm looking for a racing jacket sunglasses, but wondering if there is non-dented/vented replacement lenses and if so what colous are available.

I see all racing jacket models comes with vented lenses, and I would need to purchase for separate the non-vented ones.

Im looking for black iridium polarized and black persimmon colours for this model (non-vented).

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.
You would need to find Jawbone lenses. They fit exactly the same and were available in both vented and non-vented. For Racing Jacket it was only vented options.
Jawbone is discontinued isn't it? what colours are available for jawbone and where to find them?

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Once you have access to the exchange you could post a "buying" thread. Could be a few guys on here that still have a few. Or eBay.
Do you think the Valves have a similar face coverage? Im looking mainly for running purposes and for covering eye zone from UV damage.
Though Jawbone lenses are around, the colour pallet is getting quite limited.
Still a good selection of RJ lenses, as being vented, they aren't as suitable for custom cutting.
Aftermarket options (IKon comes to mind) are possible too.
I may be wrong but I've never seen black iridium polar in non vented
I actually have a set of the persimmon non-vented... doing some lens digging today.