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Radar confusion


Oakley Beginner
I like Radars but the different sized confuse me. I have a narrow face and I have tried the larger ones including the FastJackets but they are too big. I'm thinking of a women's Radar frame, but I may have to customize it with masculine color ways. Which Radars are which (path/edge/pitch/etc)?

Thanks :)

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I think edge is only available on the women's Radar, but who cares? I have worn pink and purple frames before, and it isnt a big deal. Look at Rickey Fowler.

There are two types of frame, the type with the port on the arm as per the pictures above and the straight arm version.

The straight arm version is a tighter fit and can be found in many non feminine colors.
Yes, I forgot this. He is right, the straight stems are kind of in between the men's and women's radar.