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Oakley Beginner
I am planning on picking up a pair of Radar Ev's and a spare lens and am trying to cover most of my bases of what I plan on doing with them. What I plan on doing with them is everyday wear and driving, but also for cycling/mtb-ing/running

At this point, I'm pretty decided on picking up a Prizm Road lens as I've read that it is a good all-arounder type lens when it comes to cycling/brighter trail environments. I've considered the trail series but I'm somewhat intimidated by what seems like intense contrast and color manipulation.

The 2nd lens I'd like for brighter situations. I'm considering Prizm Sapphire Polar, Prizm DWP, and Prizm Black Polar. As of late, my only experience with Prizm lenses is with Prizm Black and it may just be that I prefer more simple color composition when looking through sunglasses, but I love how simple yet contrasted and beautiful the Prizm Blacks do when I look through them (slight brown/rose tint with increased greens). To me, it's enough. For that reason I thought I'd go with the Prizm Black Polar but also am thinking of the Prizm Sapphire Polar because it has a "grey" base tint. That being said, as I've been reading through the forums, it seems like DWP is a huge hit (I'd really like to know why) and I'm willing to give it a try even though, from my understanding, it alters the colors way more.

So, I'd appreciate some help in deciding between PBP, Prizm Sapphire Polar, and DWP. Images looking through the different lenses would be extremely helpful. Thank you!
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I have an EV with DWP and can’t say enough about how great that lens is. It’s overcast right now but i’ll try to post some photos looking through it if the sun pops out.

Thank you for the reply!
I must admit, it is a bit more orange/rosy than what I'm used to, but still it looks tastefully done. I'm not going to knock it before I actually try it, so I'll be putting in my order today! Worse comes to worst, I find it's not for me and return it, but I'll take your recommendation, first. I'll post an update soon, hopefully.

No worries about camera skills, the pictures look great. I'm a big fan of the tire swing–a necessary addition!
Just got the glasses and took them out for a drive. If I were to describe the tint to someone interested in them is that it makes normal daylight look like Golden Hour (the hour before the sun sets). Everything has a warm and contrasted look to it, but it also looks natural and familiar since it gives a color tone that we've all seen before. That's just my take on it, but overall I can see myself growing into loving it a lot!

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