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Radarlock lens harder to switch?


Oakley Enthusiast
Is it just me or have the radarlock lenses become harder to switch? I have a pair of radarlocks from 2012 and, both then and now, the lenses are super easy to swap out, it takes almost no force at all. However I recently purchased some prizm road and trail lenses and it is virtually impossible to get them in. I end up having to wrench the frame and really force the lenses into the frame.
Is anyone else experiencing this, or is it just me?

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Font of Useless Knowledge
Austin, TX
I've been switching prizm road and trail in radarlock and haven't really had a problem. I just had to make sure the left side is fully seated before snapping in the nosebridge.


I should Work at Oakley
There has always been a certain amount of tolerance with lenses and frames. Some don't like each other.

This, or the frame cut was just fudged somewhere. I've had that with my Jade lenses at the hooks. Careful sanding took care of it.


Oakley Beginner
I've actually experienced the same issue, both with Prizm and with Photochromic. The latter are thicker than regular lenses, and the Prizm seems a little bit thicker too (but not as much as the Photochromic). But it also seems to depend on the frame: with one of my Radarlock frames there is less stiction in the corner (the non-lock right corner).

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