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For Sale Radarlock stuff + accesoires

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I have some Oakley stuff for sale which i would like to sell in a bunch.
For this moment i'm looking just for european buyers.

Al lenses are for the Radarlock and Path shaped.
The lenses are like new. At the most they've been just installed in a frame.
Never worn or never used in any case.

1x g40 iridium vented lens
1x PRIZM road lens (BNIB)
6x grey vented olympic
2x grey vented
5x black iridium
2x black iridium Polarized
3x Oakley hardcase
11x Oakley microbag
4x Oakley radar(lock) nose piece
1x jawbone/racing jacket nosepiece (black)
1x dispatch icons
1x batwolf icons

I would like to get 350 usd for everything, that comes down to less then 20 euro per lens.
and hardcase + accesoires are not even counted then.
Shipment inside europe will be 10 euro. To the US 20usd
I will ship with tracking number.

At this point i'm not considering to split the bunch, since shipment to the US is quite expensive.
Inside europe we can see if we can figure stg out.


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Damn! That is a lot of RL lenses!

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i wish i had a couple less ;)

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