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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous M Frame Lover

    Three pairs need to go. No boxes, just a bag unless noted.

    Matte black Radar frame. Vented black iridium Range, vented gold iridium Range, and persimmon Pitch lenses. With case. Gold lens has a few light marks and some frame wear, black is like new, persimmon has some heavier marks.

    10w40 Vintage Tens, perfect condition, spare VR28 lenses.

    Monster Doggle, matte black with grey polarized. Some wear to the stem tips, some small marks on the lenses but overall very good condition.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    How reflective is gold iridium? I'm having a hell of a time finding a good picture of it.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    PM sent on the Tens
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous M Frame Lover

    Oh golly. Let's talk about Gold Iridium as it applies to this lens in particular. I say that because I have gold lenses that vary between "brown and kinda shiny" and "24k ain't got nothing on me"

    This Radar lens is pretty good. More on the brighter side, but gold isn't as brilliant as 24k is in general, so you'll have a bit less "bling" out of it in indirect light. Opacity is still very good though, it's a darker lens with a solid iridium coat.

    Here are some other images I've got stashed away in my photobucket account. These are all of THIS particular lens.

    If you want to know more about gold in general I can elaborate further.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous 3D Printing Protege

    ^this guy is a gold iridium expert
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Those look really nice. I have three pairs of oakleys all fire lense and have been looking for something different and I don't like black or Ice. Thanks for the pics. Are the radars in the pics the frames and lenses you are selling?
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous M Frame Lover

    Yes, that's the matte black frame. I have the 3 lenses and I only have the one frame, so I wanted all 3 lenses and frame to go together.

    It will come with an array case. Although Radar cases only have 1 spare lens slot the lenses stack flat so you can cram 2 into the slot.