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For Sale Random OEM lenses sitting around

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I was bored today and decided to clean out my O storage and came up with a few pair to sell.
All are new, but used to be mounted (I change lenses as soon as I purchase). The only exception to that is the Monster pup and the PB2 VR28. They stayed a little longer, so they get an 8-8.5/10 where the rest get 9.5-10. I will do 220.00 for all

I will pay shipping for all conus only!! Paypal F&F or you pay 4%

Fuel cell bi 35.00
Straight Jacket bi 35.00
Pit bull Black 30.00
Jupiter Squared BI 35.00
Jupiter squared ch I 35.00
Monster pup Ch I 30.00
Pitt Boss 2 VR28 pol 55.00
Fuel cell.JPG
Straight jacket.JPG
Pit bull.JPG
Jupiter Carbon.JPG
Jupiter Squared.JPG
Monster pup.JPG
Pit boss 2 VR28.JPG

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Bump price reduction!

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