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Rare Board shorts??

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Deleted member 50177

Hello all,

I think I posted this in the wrong thread last time so I hope more people see it!

Looking for some help valuing a pair of board shorts that recently fell into my hands. They appear to be super rare and have an original print by an artist called Robert Williams, the print is of an art piece called ‘symbiotic mediocrity’ which I found after doing some research. Please see attached pictures and any help would be greatly appreciated!!





I wouldn't say 'super rare' think they were just made like any others but they RW collection had some other items released at the same time like sunglasses. I would say under $100 but just depends if someone really wants them and has some other items but not the shorts.
Just having a look on the forum the sunglasses in this collection look to of sold for $275 with box and all the paperwork