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-sales rep kit that includes: UV Light, metal spike,impacted lenses, dvd, misc lens tints, plutonite, metals bb, screw driver, cleaning cloth.
- dealer large ballistic eyewear case
(2) 3 tier black stands
(10) lens foam envelopes
(2) large vintage cleaning cloth
new oakley towel
new oakley pen (not pictured)
new PB1 elite box (not pictured)
Misc RX lens pucks
new fast jacket accessory kit; lemon peel
new performance strap kit for M2, Croslink, Racking Jacket, etc
new in box frogskin Heaven + Earth cloud/black iridium polarize
new in box Crosslink Switch RX frame pewter
new eagle edition fuel cell with black icons (just add lenses)
new OEM M2 Fire lens with über rare etching: nobody else will have this one
new OEM Holbrook grey lenses
new OEM Radarlock Pitch Vented Positive Red Iridium lenses
new OEM Radalock Path black iridium lenses
new OEM Pit Bull Fire lenses
vintage decals
Flak Jacket type soft vault
Case labels: polarized,g30,switch lock,new releases,lifestyle
Germany Olympic Goggle Micro Bag
Dog tag bottle opener
Wood, Grey, and Purple poker chip

$260 Shipped USA
PayPal all in


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Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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PM me if you have any more towels that you would be willing to sell me?

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