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Reacquainted with an old love


Oakley Beginner
A few years back I had sold my Juliets for some extra cash and stupidly replaced them with the Badman prizms. I thought I'd be ok with the switch until the ear stem hinge snapped after about 10 months of wear. These definitely were not the same quality as my Juliets, and after reading multiple sources that the Badman glasses were plagued with this issue I began my search to replace my Juliets. I sent the Badman back to Oakley and they sent me a new pair, but have been put away - hopefully to preserve the hinges.

I took a chance on ebay, and found these beauties. They arrived tight and with flawless VR28 polarized lenses, just like my first pair. I am now a proud owner (again) of my trusty Xmetal Juliets!


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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